Women's Health Care


Nurse-Midwives and Naturopathic Physicians are trained and have experience not only in caring for pregnant and birthing women, but in all aspects of women's health.  From adolescents learning about their first moon-time and discovering their cycles, to women in their later years celebrating a full life.  We at A Gentle Beginning welcome all women of all ages- Concerns about fertility?  Interested in learning more about family planning? Has it been more than a couple years since your last cervical screening (pap)?  Our welcoming home-like clinic invites you to be cared for just like you deserve.  With time and attention and care.  Our goal is that you feel supported and listened to.

What We Offer in Women's Health Care:

  • Well-Women Annual Exams
  • Women's Health Concerns
  • STD Screening
  • Understanding your Fertility
  • Infertility and Fertility Assistance
  • Family Planning,and all forms of Birth Control
  • Intrauterine Insemination
  • Holistic Pelvic CareTM  - "a combination of physical and energetic tools developed by Tami Kent, PT, and designed to assess and then restore balance to the pelvic space of the female body. Holistic Pelvic Care is for women of all ages to address pelvic symptoms or enhance general wellness".