Our Mission Statement

'Women supporting women supporting women'

Providing outstanding care to women, expectant mothers, families, and each other.


Our mission is driven by these Guiding Principles:

  • We trust and respect the cycles of womanhood as a normal part of her life.
  • Pregnancy and birth are part of these normal physiologic events which are held as sacred within the context of each unique family. They are honored as spiritual and emotional journeys for each individual and family involved.
  • Children are people too and receive the same respect, care and love as their parents.
  • Women and families are partners in the care they receive and information is offered with unbiased and compassionate regard.
  • All forms of family are honored and respected.
  • Evidence based practices and integrative therapies are part of all care given.
  • We collaborate with expert consultants when it is required using clear and timely communication.
  • A healthy, balanced and well-rested midwife is a safe midwife. It is part of our mission to care for and support each member of our team (your midwives, our business manager, accountant, nurses and students)
  • We foster a culture of safety in our workplace.