Our Natural Birth Philosophy


Natural childbirth has challenged and inspired us for many thousands of years. Despite our technological age many people still value the experience of natural birth and choose to give birth free of anesthetics. In so doing, they commit to full participation in one of the most intense and beautiful processes of their lives. The result, for most couples, is the deeply satisfying fulfillment of participation in a miracle.

Modern obstetrics places its focus on the physical events of birth, whereas, the midwifery model goes beyond to include the emotional and spiritual aspects. A woman births a baby from deep within herself, calling upon her heart and spirit to complete the journey. It is in this place that a woman’s most important preparation for labor and motherhood takes place. Sometimes birth leads us to the very edge of ourselves and then asks us to jump. What we learn about ourselves in that leap will always be part of who we are. It is the gift that comes from sincere effort and acceptance of responsibility.


The roles of midwives in natural childbirth

As important as the right environment, birth attendant and support team are for the event, it is a woman's own inner resources that will birth her baby. The challenge for her partner is to explore the role of supporting and nurturing her through that process. Together they will transition into parenthood and all that lies beyond.

Our roles as midwives and healers take many forms. We advise. We guide. We watch. We reassure. Rarely, we rescue. We listen to family troubles, we order lab work, we wipe tired brows. Mostly, we are privileged to witness the beauty of people in their most honest, real states. Birth has this way of eliminating pretense and letting the truth shine through. We love what we do.