Home Birth

water birth

The home environment provides a supportive and safe environment for natural birth, allowing a woman to relax and follow her unique path in the laboring process. When a newborn baby is perceived to be a conscious, cognizant being, the manner in which he/she is born can have far reaching effects. Assisted by capable and experienced midwives, a family has the freedom to create the home birth experience they desire and welcome their new child with love, dignity, and a gentle beginning.

The safety of home birth for low risk women has repeatedly been demonstrated in scientific studies. A key factor that improves that safety is the presence of qualified and experienced midwives who are capable of watching for and responding when a low risk situation becomes high risk.

We arrive equipped with our complete birth kits—including emergency equipment such as oxygen, IV supplies, resuscitation equipment, and emergency medicines. We take the same training in neonatal resuscitation as hospital staff. We also bring experienced midwife assistants. Appropriately referring and transporting when an obstetrician or hospital setting is needed is a valuable skill that we have refined through our years of experience.

Home birth with competent midwives has the same low rates of complications as hospital births. Some of the advantages of home birth include low use of interventions, relaxing in your own environment, familiarity with your care providers, and the intimacy and freedom to find your own path in birthing your baby.

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