Transporting Baby: From birth to toddler years

We have collectively spent many years transporting our children, who now range in age from 2 to 32, or simply including them in our busy lives. Through research, common sense or trial and error we have found these following means of transporting our little ones the most valuable.

During the early days and months it is best to wear your baby. They have spent 9 months tucked into a warm womb, sheltered from the world. The wiring of their brains and nervous systems have not changed from the beginning of human existence; however, the world they emerge into has changed tremendously. After birth the transition needs to be gradual. Babies and young children absorb impressions that are no longer limited to the sounds of nature, animals and a quiet family life. The impressions of our technical, electromagnetic world can be quite shocking; at the end of the day little ones must release either through crying, fussing, acting out or what we commonly call melting down. To lessen this impact we urge you to wear your baby, yes take them out of the car seats and strap them on.

The wrap we love best is the didymos. It is made in Germany of organic cotton, is beautiful, will last for generations and can be tied to carry your baby many ways. The second favorite is the Ergo ( – a quick pack for carrying an older baby. And the third is a good wagon; the one in the photo is made by the Amish, was purchased in 1987 from Lehman’s, and is still as good as new. It can carry multiple toddlers along with groceries or recycling. We do not have stock in any of these companies but do special order the didymos at our office.

M Catherine Schaefer ND CNM