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Birth Classes

Centered Birthing

We have found that those seeking a natural birth want guidance in how to create an atmosphere of love, trust and intimacy. We aim to prepare both the mother and her partner physically, mentally and emotionally, so that they can experience their birth in a centered and conscious manner. The best way for us to accomplish this goal is through a natural childbirth and parenting class


About Our Birth Classes

This birth preparation class is comprised of five couples classes alternating with four women’s groups. Classes are led by our  team and are offered to their clients and those of the community.

During the couples portion of our classes we strive to develop skills that you will use throughout the rest of your pregnancy, during the birth of your child and beyond into the years of parenting together. We begin by focusing on how you as a couple will work together supporting and communicating your needs as well as building an understanding of the normal physiology of birth so that it can unfold into a woman’s natural, instinctive rhythm. We then go on to include deep relaxation and breathing techniques as centering tools to help create and maintain the focus needed in an un-medicated birth. In the last two classes we finish with information on breastfeeding and preparation for the first weeks postpartum. These groups often go on to attend our parenting/support groups.
The women's groups, which meet on alternate Tuesdays, allow us to explore more intimate topics such as releasing fears, coping with the sensations of birth, embracing the joy of giving birth and accessing our own empowerment. We create a space where women can find support among other women choosing a natural birth, where we strive to honor our bodies as vessels of service and deepen the relationship with our bodies and that of our unborn child.

What Our Clients Say:

This group has been an immense backbone for me, helping me gather courage, trust, willingness and empowerment for this labor.
— Samantha, 1st time mom
The sessions on pain and coping with labor were so very helpful. Focusing on entering the pain and trusting I would be able to handle it. Staying in the moment, not projecting into the next contraction. Fuzzing the edges of the pain, focusing on relaxing my muscles, especially my pelvic muscles. Chanting ‘open, open, open’ and actually whispering them to myself. Visualizing her moving down the birth canal.
— Taunia, mother of 3


Upcoming Classes

Centered Birthing Class

Held at our clinic : 2277 NW Irving St. Portland OR 97210

May 15th-July 10th 2018
Every Tuesday, 6:30-8:30 PM

March 6th-May 1st 2018
Every Tuesday, 6:30-8:30 PM