"Women supporting women, supporting women."


Thank you for your interest in A Gentle Beginning. I am now practicing at the WHA Midwifery Birth Center in southeast Portland. I am excited to continuing doing the work that I love; attending out-of-hospital births—while also supporting my own well being and desire to spend more time in my garden and with my grandchildren. The support of team of nurse-midwives at the Midwifery Birth Center and dedicated OB/GYN physician back up—along with hospital privileges—was too good to pass up. I have known for a long time that a birth center was the best way that we, as midwives, could not only support our clients, but also support our own physical and emotional health.

And in other good news, Carissa will be filling in at the Midwifery Birth Center beginning in February 2018! Please do come to see us there for your future pregnancy and/or women’s health care needs.

Best wishes,

M. Catherine Schaefer, ND CNM

Midwifery Birth Center
10566 SE Washington St
Portland, OR 97216
Ph: 503.855.1220
Fax: 503.855.1229